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Setting the Stage

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression”

Preparing your home is key to a successful sale.  Savvy sophisticated Buyers are everywhere and setting up your home for sale will go a long way to helping them make a decision whether your home is for them.

I have years of experience in design and renovations and I look at every home as a blank canvas.  If you’re amenable to my suggestions, I will guide you as to what you can do, to best showcase your home and get the price you’re aiming for.   

Tips and Tricks to prepping your home for Sale:

  • From the minute somebody walks up to your home, the garden and surrounding area up to the front door should look tidy and clean.   If your front door looks scratched or the paint is peeling, consider repainting it?  (I have some standard colours I can recommend)
  • Brush away those cobwebs, do the weeding in the garden beds, cut the grass, clean the windows.  These are no cost items and just a bit of elbow work to get your home looking presentable.
  • De-clutter, De-personalize your home - remove those family photos and trinkets - anybody looking at your home wants to imagine it with  their own items there.
  • If there are stains on the carpet,  get a professional in to see if t hey can eradicate it.  If it’s a cost you don’t want to incur – the FOLEX product is excellent and then you can hire a carpet and upholstery machine from various supermarket locations.
  • Scrutinize the home.  If you have “that” friend who is known for their complete honesty, get them around after you’ve prepped your home and ask them what further improvements could be made – this could be changing furniture around, getting rid of an old shower curtain, picking up on something that needs to be cleaned.


- noun – “the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.”

  • Think of this process as a head start to packing.
  • Even though some repairs seem minor, they can become a major factor in determining whether the buyer will actually buy.
  • Pay particular attention to rooms that smell – odours are completely disenchanting.  Air the home out and let air flow through before each showing or a scented candle can go a long way
  • Flowers are not only beautiful but can enhance your home.

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