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A Bio and A True Story….

Let’s begin by telling the story….  Prior to becoming an Agent some 8 years ago, I considered myself to be fairly savvy and knowledgeable about how to price properties having conducted quite a number of real estate transactions myself. However, I really had some doubts about where the price point should be on one particular property, so reverted to “the experts” - what an eye-opening experience that was! - I had 5 different Realtors from 5 different offices come in to guide me on the price point. They all had the same information at their fingertips to determine a suitable list price and only 1 of those came with any paperwork to back this up!

It was mind-boggling… let’s just say that the difference between the lowest and highest price was $500K! - I went somewhere in the middle.

This is said to be that a Realtor is “buying your listing” or, frankly, just plain lazy with some random “finger in the air” guessing.

As a Seller, you don’t want to be given an unrealistic, unattainable price as it only leads to disappointment. As a Buyer, you don’t want to overpay!

About Lisa…

British by birth but Canadian at heart, she’s lived more outside of the UK than in it.

Her adventure in BC started in 1997 in the mountains of Whistler and eventually brought her to choose the ocean on the Sunshine Coast as her full-time home.

She loves participating in recreational sports such as hiking, biking, skiing, kayaking and golf and there are a handful of places in the world that offer all of these experiences in one place. – In his wedding speech, her husband described Lisa as “Mud and Moet” – which just about sums her up! – She’s as comfortable navigating steep grades on her mountain bike as she is in her business suit navigating a real estate deal.

Since arriving in ’97, she’s completed many personal and client real estate transactions between Whistler, Vancouver and the Sunshine Coast.  As a “British Transplant”, her love of real estate was featured in one of Britain’s major newspapers, the Sunday Times in April 2004.

It was her friends that finally convinced Lisa that she should be doing real estate as a profession.  Those who know Lisa, will find she is an open book and what you see is what you get.  She’s fiercely loyal and fastidious in her approach to business and works hard to get the best results for all her clients – Inherent qualities that every realtor should possess.

Lisa is offering both Buyers and Sellers her boundless energy, market knowledge and negotiating skills to get the results her clients expect.  Whether you’re a Seller wanting to get top dollar or a Buyer looking to obtain your dream property – Lisa will make it happen.

It’s a privilege to be chosen to work with you.

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